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Barbara & Howard Doster

Retired Purdue University Management Teachers

Peer Advisory Couple Coaches Since 1975

A. Why we Learn, Teach and Coach

Learning, teaching, coaching

is more fun than our other alternatives.

Until we identify, understand, and use

a better way for deciding and doing,

we’ll offer to teach you our problem-solving processes

as you also learn to use our more formal management information system.

Then, we’ll help you learn to teach others.

Management skills are learned, or not learned.

Some of you are better at doing everything than we are,

and we enjoy studying your performances.

A few persons are better than others at almost everything,

But these persons can’t do everything.

They specialize and do their comparative advantage.

Each of us has a comparative advantage for doing something.

The total value of goods and services is maximized

when each of us does our comparative advantage.

That’s why we say,

“Do what you do best

And trade for the rest.”

Because of our interest, training, and experience,

We have a comparative advantage

for teaching management skills.

B. What We Learn, Teach, Coach

Management is the problem-solving process

Of deciding what to do

And doing it,

As we use what we now have

To get what we now want most.

As manager of our resources,

We retain and use them

Until we think

We’ll be better off

By trading one of them.

Then, we decide and trade.

Written or unwritten,

We all have plans for using our resources.

We make a decision

Whenever a surprise occurs,

Whenever observed performance

Is different from expected.

No one wants to waste resources.

With about the same resources

Some persons realize more rewards.

We call them better managers.

Management skills are learned.

Perhaps you can learn,


Then, teach others.

Perhaps we can coach you.

C. Understand, Predict, Act

This is how we manage our mind/muscle, relationships & material resource inventory.

Here’s the outline of the problem-solving process

We learn, teach and coach.

Identify the symptoms and cause/reason

For each problem/opportunity.

Test alternative solutions/plans

And predict their likely consequences.

Decide and Act.

Then, monitor performance for the next surprise.

(When expected performance and actual performance

are the same, there is no surprise, and, no decision to make.)

Start Where You Are.

Everyone starts every day

Where you now are

With what you now have

And what you now want most.

Our job is to help you

Identify where you now are

What you now have

And what you now want most.

Then, we help you learn our problem-solving process.

As you use our more formal management information system… Perhaps with another couple you don’t compete for land with, but do respect professionally and like personally.

D. Assignments We Use With You

For all family members, & others on mgmy team.

Write assignments one thru seven of B/H’s standard questions.

Do this alone. Discuss it with no one.  

Give your answers to Barbara/Howard. Thanks.

Later, they’ll visit with you privately.

First Assignment…(Click Here for full article…).