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Barbara & Howard Doster

Retired Purdue University Management Teachers

Peer Advisory Couple Coaches Since 1975

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Peer Advisory Couple Coaches Since 1975

Retired Purdue University Management Teachers

We're Barbara and Howard Doster.  We're excited about offering a new version of our management education service class, targeted to peer couples; persons in one of three groups, perhaps including you.

When you take one of our Peer Couple classes, you'll be among the first to use H's "Management Processes, The First Chapter".   In it, you'll learn/use our problem solving process, appraise your assets multiple times daily, and learn to use a new budget to monitor your own and your peer's physical/financial performances and test alternative plans, from now on.  

H created and used many of the homework assignments during the thirty years he co-founded and taught the Purdue senior farm management class that he called the "How to go home and start farming with Dad class."  Also, everyone will do a soil site-specific earnings appraisal of their farm.  In the "kids" group, the kids are encouraged to intern on another farm, June 15-August 15, doing homework related mind jobs.


We want to teach this version only a few times, before turning the peer couple coaching process over to others.  Call us.

We think many of our peer couple class grads will want to recruit, teach, coach others.  If there's interest, we'll help start a non-profit farmer organization to coordinate peer coaching and perhaps related support of selected Land Grant soil site-specific cropping systems research and management education.  In the meantime, we'll charge a competitive rate for our services; then donate anything above our expenses to a college, university or church.

Since we retired from Purdue, we've worked with farm couples in eight states as they've decided how to solve their mostly multi-generation problems and opportunities.  Barbara, a former Purdue management school administrator with multiple distinguished service awards, coordinates our farm couple sessions, while also serving as our personality management teacher.

Howard also teaches both owners and tenants how to keep their leases current with current economic conditions, by using a version of his tenant margin lease.  He continues to teach crop farm operators how to be timely as you "Test before you Invest", a speech he's made 900 times in 12 countries, including to the 7,000 mostly corn-belt farmers who  participated in the 270 public and private multiple day Top Farmer Crop Workshops he coordinated.

Howard & Barbara Doster   

Cell: 765 -412-1495


We’re in Southwest Ohio New Burlington Rd, Waynesville GPS:  39.54 N  84.07 W

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